Shagreen, skin of a rayfish, leather, shagreen, pearls of shagreen ,skins, shagreen cloks.

The clocks
Each model of our clocks is unique, numbered and can represent hundreds of hours of work from conception to completion.

The leather covered  pieces are sheathed in shagreen or galuchat a leather made from the skin of a rayfish. The skins are covered with round, closely set scales giving the impression of small pearls. This technique, originating in the Far East  and popularized in Europe in the 18th century, brings out the aesthetic qualities of the leather as well as its strength.  Working with shagreen provides the craftsman with some very interesting challenges; the skins are not very large and the most developed scale patterns lie in the center where the pearled effect is at its strongest. Covering one clock can require from three to five skins.

The base of the transparent model was done with a shagreen molded in a clear resin. This new technique brings a very contemporary look to the leather and emphasizes the pearled aspect of the skin.

The Atelier
Laurent Graire opened his shop for repairing and restoring clocks in 2003. Specialized in high end watches he was able to attract and retain a knowledgeable and demanding clientèle among  professionals, collectors and private individuals.

Early 2007 Laurent decided to phase down the repair side of his business and consecrate his time almost exclusively to the conception et manufacture  of his line of clocks. The earliest models drew their inspiration  from Art Deco furniture design using the galuchat technique. Later creations lean more towards hardwoods such as teak or  zebrano. Finally, in October, 2007 after innumerable hours of work, patience and perseverance the initial series of clocks are ready to leave the workshop.

The Jewels

Pendentif pour femme d'un diamètre de 4.2 mm (mouvement horloger sans aiguille à vocation purement esthétique).




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